COVID-19 Misinformation Map for Journalists

by First Draft News
Team Leads: Tommy Shane, Pedro Noel

Everyone does not benefit from credible information equally. Many people – their nations and languages – are underrepresented in fact-checking and reporting efforts. Moreover, misinformation travels internationally. If reporters aren’t able to see what has traveled to other countries before theirs, they are less able to predict what is coming. At the same time, debunks in one place can alert reporters in other places to misinformation that is already spreading.

First Draft is working to solve these problems by better understanding the global flow and voids of credible coverage of the coronavirus. They have developed early prototype ​visualizations​, illustrating the possibilities when analyzing global credible coverage in real time. Their new project, ‘COVID-19 Misinformation Map for Journalists’, will draw on data science to make this information more useful to reporters, and will make the broader case that we must take a global view of credible information flow and be better at learning from each other.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting project.

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