Announcing the Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Winter 2023 Demo Day

The Aspen Tech Policy Hub and the Tech Talent Project are pleased to announce the Accessible Futures: Empowering Youth, Fostering Inclusivity demonstration day on June 28 from 4-5pm ET/1-2pm PT. During this demonstration day event, the fourth cohort of Tech Executive Leadership Initiative (TELI) leaders will present the policy projects they developed during the TELI program.

The projects include proposals for the State of Oklahoma’s Human Services agency to improve services for those aging out of foster care and for the Department of Homeland Security’s TSA program to enhance traveler experience at checkpoints. You can register for the free virtual event showcasing these policy projects here.

The TELI program consists of 10 weeks of skills-building initiatives to prepare experienced technology and STEM leaders to engage effectively with public sector challenges. For more information about TELI and its participants, see here. For more information about this cohort’s leaders, see here.