At the Aspen Tech Policy Hub, we take STEM experts, teach them the policy process through fellowship and executive education programs, and encourage them to develop outside-the-box solutions to society’s problems.

Our programs mix the best of both Washington and Silicon Valley, bringing together stakeholders in policy, science, and technology to train the next generation of policy entrepreneurs.

The programs that the Hub runs to achieve this goal include the following:

  1. The Science & Technology Policy Fellowship is a full-time, paid, program that teaches science and technology experts (prioritizing those who work on cybersecurity, emerging technology, and climate) the skills they need to impact policy. 
    • The fellowship will take place from June 5-28, 2024 at Tides Converge in San Francisco. Fellows will have the option to work remotely part-time on a final project from June 28-August 25, 2024.
    • Admitted applicants receive an $7,500 stipend to offset their costs of their participation in the fellowship and those who complete the final policy project will receive an additional $5,000. 
  2. The Writing For Policy Short Course is a part-time, unpaid virtual program that teaches applicants how to improve their policy communications. This short course will provide a basic introduction to writing for policy and concrete writing strategies for influencing local policy outcomes. 
    • The short course will take place virtually from April 29 to May 3, 2024, with classes from 11:30am-1:30pm ET daily.  
  3. The Tech Executive Leadership Initiative (TELI) is a part-time, unpaid, online, program, co-sponsored by the Hub and the Tech Talent Project, that provides senior technology professionals with a unique leadership opportunity to strengthen their executive skills through real-world engagement with government problems. Through experiential learning with real government technology policy challenges, leaders hone their skills to work effectively with dedicated public servants and mitigate risk on technology projects. This program is ideal for senior executives who are interested in future federal government service or in otherwise honing their skills to engage more effectively with governments. 
  4. The Nonprofit and Public Interest Fellowship is a full-time, paid, in-person fellowship for public interest organizations to support public interest organizations organizations in achieving policy impact. Nonprofit organizations designate one primary leader to participate in the training program.
  5. The Tech Policy Primer is a part-time, unpaid, online program that combines the broad scope and curriculum of our Fellowship with the flexible format of the TELI program. It is ideal for people with scientific or technical backgrounds who are interested in building better policy, but is run in a part-time format.
  6. Our short courses are virtual, one- to two-week long programs that train participants in our policy impact and policy writing methods. We specifically have run Train the Trainer short courses which train experienced policy professionals to teach our methods for policy impact, and Writing for Policy short courses, which train subject-matter experts on policy writing. We also run short courses for partner organizations such as the Horizon Institute for Public Service and the Federation of American Scientists.

Applicants to the Hub’s Fellowship, Tech Executive Leadership Initiative, and Primer programs are automatically considered for the Savilla Pitt Memorial Fellowship, awarded to one member of each incoming Aspen Tech Policy Hub cohort. Please see here to learn more about the Memorial Fellowship.

In addition to these programs, we also host regular webinars on policy topics and incubate projects that address specific societal challenges through challenge grants and prize competitions. To learn more about our Information Disorder Prize Competition, see here. To stay updated on our other programming, join our mailing list here.