Automated Advocates

By Jessica Cole with support from Nidhi Hebbar and Raylene Yung 

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The United States faces a crisis in its civil courts, where more than 80% of low-income households lack adequate legal representation. A promising new class of technology tools (“Automated Advocates”) can help close that gap, but regulatory complexity about who may practice law make it difficult for companies to build these tools and for regulators to distinguish good actors from bad. This project paves the way for the development of Automated Advocates by coalescing the field around a common definition and set of principles for Automated Advocates. It also recommends that regulators include and incentivize Automated Advocates in any state and national regulatory sandboxes.

Click below to view various resources for policymakers and technologists interested in Automated Advocates including design principles and a robust field definition for use by technologists and policymakers alike.

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