Pretrial Risk Assessment

by Allison Day, Karissa McKelvey, and Anil Dewan

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California counties have limited technical resources for improving pretrial data systems, yet they increasingly rely on algorithmic risk assessment tools to inform pretrial release decisions. At stake is the liberty of individuals not yet convicted of crimes, and the reduction of the massive pretrial jail population, a main driver of mass incarceration. 

Algorithmic risk assessment tools can speed pretrial release decisions, but to be used responsibly, they should be accompanied by consistent data collection, access, and analysis practices. This project recommends that the Judicial Council of California invest in pretrial data needs by creating customizable tools for use across under-resourced counties, leading to more accurate, speedy, transparent and just risk assessment.

Click below to read the team’s white paper, and to view infographics on the California pretrial data pipeline past and present.

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