Risk Limiting Audits

by Steven Buccini

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The North Carolina Board of Elections finds itself at a juncture as it seeks to implement new voting systems. Many current systems are out of date and due to be decertified at the end of the year. Unfortunately, existing digital-only voting systems, the trend after the infamous hanging chads of the 2000 election, have been found to be irreparably insecure as malicious actors can influence results at all stages of the voting cycle. To counter election interference, this project recommends the Board implement risk limiting audits to supplement a paper ballot system: a cost effective way to increase the efficiency of the state mandated auditing process and significantly reduce the probability that malicious interference with the voting process can materially change the results of an election.

Click below to view an explorable explanation on why risk-limiting audits are a better way to protect elections; a policy brief explaining how project author Steven Buccini’s home state of North Carolina could adopt such audits; and an op-ed advocating for better ballot practices in North Carolina.

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