Improving the TSA Experience for People with Disabilities

by The Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Winter 2023 Cohort

As part of their 10-week policy training, the leaders of the Tech Executive Leadership Initiative spent 6 weeks working on a real-world government challenge. In teams of 4-5, the leaders tackled the following prompt:

  • How can the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) improve the TSA security checkpoint experience for airline travelers? 

Each team narrowed its focus to a specific part of the problem, conducted research, and developed solutions. Click below to view a sample of the outputs each team created.

TSA Cares Access Initiative To

Improve Checkpoint Experience

for Disabled Travelers

Improving the TSA screening experience for people with disabilities through TSA Cares

by Meghan Cochran, Christian Crumlish, Anita Lynch, Atirek Sharma, and Ian Sharpe

This policy project advocates that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) create a new initiative to support TSA Cares called “TSA Cares Access” to improve the security screening experience for disabled travelers. TSA Cares Access will build upon the existing framework of TSA Cares and simplify the assistance and accommodations request process. TSA Cares Access initiative will enhance the overall experience of disabled travelers, leading to improved security outcomes and reduced complaints.

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Traveler Dedicated Routing

System to Support Travelers

with Special Accommodations

Streamlining the TSA screening experience for people needing special accommodations by simplifying the check-in process

by Joe Alterio, Eric Bloch, Nannette Cutliff, Ray Hernandez, and Badri Sridharan

This policy project proposes the implementation of a Traveler Dedicated Routing System (TDRS) by TSA to enhance the screening experience for travelers with special accommodations. The project suggests making changes to airline kiosks and counter check-in processes to improve the identification and assistance provided to these travelers. TDRS will streamline the security screening process for special accommodations travelers by allowing travelers to self-identify their special needs during check-in. This initiative will ensure an efficient and empathetic travel experience for passengers with special accommodations by reducing the work involved in asking for accommodations.

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